You can purchase this also as a form of tip or to pay for lengthy emails.

Spiritual counciling session and .JPG image. (Note: this is not a video reading)

I am a Certified Archangel Life Coach.

Sometimes there are no pressing questions but you need spiritual coaching, pep-talk, spiritual advice or even just someone to listen and talk to. Also for when you have a lengthy email about your situation, please purchase this so that I can be paid for my time

You will receive:

* .JPG of oracle card

* In-depth email (approx 10-15 minutes of my time)

Includes 1 oracle card as a general message from your angels and reflection of your current energies.

Please note, this listing is not a session for answering specific questions of the future, but rather a general discussion/spiritual life coaching session about philosophies of life, spiritual beliefs or just whatever you want to share/converse, your lfe, your thoughts and feelings... discussion about what reading or ritual would be best for you.. etc.

I am a professional 4th generation Psychic, Trained Clairvoyant, Certified Medium, Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Archangel Life Coach, Certified Realm Reader, an Ordained Minister, Reiki master, Healer, spiritual teacher and Practitioner of Magic. My reading style is honest, compassionate and Angelic solution oriented. I combine my psychic senses along with my magical divination tools to give a highly detailed and accurate reading.

By law I'm required to inform you that all of my services are for entertainment purposes only.

Angel & Magical Blessings