Powerful Road Opener Tarot Spell 7 Candle & Tarot Reading In LIVE VIDEO format plus .JPG

Powerful Road Opener Tarot Spell 7 Candle & Tarot Reading In LIVE VIDEO format plus .JPG

This Tarot spell with 7 day candle to Lord Ganesha to help open the path for you to success
removing any blocks or problems in reaching a goal or in general for you.


Day 1 - A Video of the spell as it's being cast live by me.
I will use a 7 Day candle, Tarot cards, parchment with your intention, magical oils, incense, herbs, crystals and magical rune symbols and

Tarot & Oracle reading Video and .JPG
- Message from Ganesha working on your spell
- How the spell will specifically work on you]
- Advice
- The outcome and Manifestation prediction

Day2 - Video update with 1 card oracle
With Lord Ganesha tealight offering

Day3 - Video update with 1 card oracle

Day4 - Video update with 1 card oracle

Day5 - Video update with 1 card oracle

Day6 - Video update with 1 card oracle

Day7 - Video update with 1 card oracle and after the candle is finished burning. I will inform you of anything that I sensed while it was burning, anything I see from the way the candle burned and give you additional messages from any wax remaining. (candles burn anywhere between 4-7 days)

Please email me your name and birthdate

I have been reading for many years and am a professional psychic.
My reading style is honest, compassionate and Angelic solution oriented. I combine my psychic senses along with my magical divination tools to give a highly detailed and accurate reading.
I've been practicing magic for many years and have had so much success for my clients and myself. My magic style is folk magic/witchcraft/hoodoo.
I will record your session and after it is completed you will receive an email from me with the PRiVATE video link (along with a .JPG) which you will be able to click and view from a computer, smart phone or tablet.
You will be able to watch it at your convenience LIVE just as though you were in the reading room with me. You'll see me shuffle the cards, hear me explain what I see and sometimes my clients tell me they can even feel the energy flow.

Magick is real and I infuse all my power into all of my rituals to provide you with the very best manifestation. I am very honest which is why I record my spiritual work so that you can see that I did cast your spells and give you all the information that comes through the cards for the prediction of how the spell will manifest. I can not, however, guarantee that spells will always work the way you want or as fast as you want but most of the time they definitely do. I take my magical workings very seriously and only work with good white magick and positive intentions.

By law I'm required to inform you that all of my services are for entertainment purposes only.

Angel & Magical Blessings