Blockbuster Clear Financial Obstacles Bring Abundance In Live Video

Blockbuster Clear Financial Obstacles Bring Abundance In Live Video

 A powerful Blockbuster Spell & Tarot Reading In LIVE VIDEO format plus .JPG image.


1 WEEK powerful candle vigil  an extra large vigil double action reversing candle, 2 seven day candles 4 castings!

This is 3 listings combines in one and a $50 savings!  It's also 4 spells in one listing!

-Goddess Lakshmi Abundance ritual

-Road opener Lord Ganesha obstacle remover.  

- double action spell for money.

A powerful hoodoo blockbuster spell!  Drawing and reversing spell to do two things- Block all evil and bad luck sending it back to where it originated -While it draws good luck and your goal to you. This spell is to reverse any evil or jinx in finances, job situation or any project your working on.

The Black color will remove any jinxes, enemies control on your situation. The green part of the candle is to draw abundance to you (or whatever your goal is).

The intent behind this ritual is to bring first what you want to be manifested in your life which is represented by the top color green and as it burns it is reinforcing what you want creating power and focus. the top of this candle represents your situation or relationship that is jinxed or suffering with Negativity. As the green wax burns it starts to reverse the jinx. When the black wax begins to burn it begins to remove, release and return all negative wishes to where it originated from (your enemies).


3 DAYS of videos over a full week!!

A Video of the spell as it's being cast live by me.
Your candle, Tarot cards, parchment with your intention, magical oils, incense, herbs, roots, crystals and magical rune symbols, Psalms, prayers

A Tarot & Oracle reading Videos and .JPGs

You Will Receive:

DAY 1-
A Video and .JPG of the spell as it's being Pepared and Cast live by me.
1- Your candle spell preperation and casting of LAKSHMI Abundance vigil, Ganesha Road opener Vigil and the double action candle.

2- A Tarot & Oracle reading - Message from Spirit/diety working on your spell, 3 Tarot cards 3 oracle

DAY 3-
A Video and .JPG of the spell as it's Cast live by me.
1- A follow up of the previous burning. I will inform you of anything that I see

2- Casting of the second color on the double action candle.

3-A tea light offering and chanting to Lakshmi and Ganesha

4-A Tarot & Oracle reading - How the negative influence is impacted and how it will likely manifest, 3 Tarot cards 3 oracle

Day 6 or 7(when the candle burns out)
1- A follow up on the candle wax of all 3 candles.

Please email me your name and birthdate, name and birthdates of any others involved in your spell and what you would like to attain upon ordering. If you have a diety, saint, archangel or ascended master you'd like me to work with for you let me know otherwise I will choose who I am guided to work with for you. You can also include photos if you wish me to include them.

I am a professional 4th generation Psychic, Trained Clairvoyant, Certified Medium, Certified Angel Card Reader(TM), Certified Archangel Life Coach (TM),Certified Realm Reader, an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Healer and Practitioner of Magic. My reading style is honest, compassionate and Angelic solution oriented. I combine my psychic senses along with my magical divination tools to give a highly detailed and accurate reading. I'm known for my highly detailed and accurate readings through layering multiple forms of divination. All my readings and rituals are in Video Format for your enjoyment of not only hearing your reading but seeing it too!
I've been practicing magic for many years and have had so much success for my clients and myself. My magic style is folk magic/witchcraft/hoodoo.
I will record your session and after it is completed you will receive an email from me with the PRiVATE video link (along with a .JPG) which you will be able to click and view from a computer, smart phone or tablet.
You will be able to watch it at your convenience LIVE just as though you were in the reading room with me. You'll see me shuffle the cards, hear me explain what I see and sometimes my clients tell me they can even feel the energy flow.

Magick is real and I infuse all my power into all of my rituals to provide you with the very best manifestation. I am very honest which is why I record my spiritual work so that you can see that I did cast your spells and give you all the information that comes through the cards for the prediction of how the spell will manifest. I can not, however, guarantee that spells will always work the way you want but most of the time they definitely do. I take my magical workings very seriously and only work with good white magick and positive intentions.

By law I'm required to inform you that all of my services are for entertainment purposes only.