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Omg we are back together today!thank you for the amazing hoodoo ritual, I'm so grateful for your help!

Hannah/I am floored how amazing this reading was! It was incredibly detailed and she somehow seemed to know exactly my situation and she even said a phrase that my boyfriend just told me like the next week after the reading I'm really shocked and so glad I have a found a sweet and accurate reader

Hi my name laquawndra i recent had a pregnancy reading with Michelle in she was very good..she was spot on with a few things she told me to stay away from
I want to thank you Michelle for the beautiful pregnancy reading you had did for me awhile back . Everything that you told me was right I look forward to getting another blessful reading.. God bless☺☺☺☺☺


I really enjoyed watching my soulmate reading. I have watched it over and over and over again. I can't wait for it all to unfold. I look forward to meeting my soulmate soon. It was so worth the wait. Thank you!

Teresa/This review is for the Honey Hoodoo oil. Omg. This oil smells soooo good. I love it. I wear it everyday. I work in a very hectic medical office and I notice my patients tend to be overly nice and just sweet to me whenever I wear it. Also it seems to attract the attention of men as well. I will continue to make sure I have a supply of this awesome oil on hand at all times. Amazing product!!!!


I've had an in depth reading from Michelle and she is an skilled lightworker, accurate and seems really good with her spirit guides for helping people, find their core emotional issues of deep routed psychologial disorder's

I would strongly reccommend her to any other curious and in need people out there looking for hope, 10/10

J.P x
Teresa/I just finished watching your amazing, accurately scary reading! lol...When you mentioned the Letter "D" my mouth dropped...that is the name of my Ex, whom I have a child with, his name is Derrick. WOW!! Everything you mentioned about my feelings in regards to him and how he was as a person and our relationship was spot on!!! Also, everything you mentioned about my feelings towards men, relationships and myself...was accurate!!! my Mind is just blown away!! Thank you so much for the wonderful services you literally change and save lives!! If anyone is looking for the real deal you have found her!
Margarete/ i've had readings  in the past from other readers both in person and online. When I found Michelle's page on etsy I felt like there definitely was something on the horizon and just could not seem to figure out what I was feeling. This is my second reading and each time her approach, ability and message is more than worth the wait. Her gift is really profound, the details  she gives, how she is able to tap into your intentions is absolutely amazing. I came back for a second reading after my first one inspired me to truly put in the work towards healing all of the emotional baggage I didn't want to admit I was holding onto. I will definitely continue to seek her guidance in the future and can't wait to share the manifestations with such a lovely spirit.
Raven/Michelle, thank you so much for helping out with my situaton.  Your readings are so precise  and accurate.  What you told me in the reading has already happened. 
We are back together.  :)
Tamara/the oils are amazing!!The energy is beautiful and they smell lovely too
Jessica/your readings blow me away and its just what I needed, thank you
Anna/My friend really was happy with her gift card for a reading :)
Linda t/The angel water spray is amazing im going to order the bigger one next time
Sherry/Your reading has brought me an immense amount of hope and I am just amazed how you knew about so many things that have already happened. Thank you

Alice/One of the greatest readings I have ever had.She was right on 100%.She is so very sweet and honest. I love how she videos her readings. She has brought so much relief and hope to my life. She has a very special gift from God.It feels as if I've known her for years. Will definitely get antother reading and highly recommend her. Thank you so very much Michelle

T​iffany/Thank you for helping me out I am amazed at how responsive my guy is to your magic! 

Larissa/beautiful and magical!!! I love the angel spray, I want to order a larger one next time!  The oils are sooo lovely and I can feel the energies you put into them!  Thank You!! :-)

Madison S/So worth the wait!! I'm grateful for your readings, thank you Michelle

Jessica/I cant thank you enough! The honey jar work is so amazingly helpful for me!

Caterina t/Thank you so much for the oils...they are beautiful!
Rebecca/The spell was amazing and worked for me!! thank you
Christine/I am so thankful for the Mother Mary Meditation video you made! It touched me so deeply I had tears of release and feel so healed emotionally.  Later in the day I saw a sign from Mother Mary!!! I feel so connected

Tamara/The birthday reading was so beautiful! This is the second year I have treated myself to one.  What a wonderful gift! There was so much information in it that I have watched it twice and will continue to refer to it throughout the year. I Recently had a Mother Mary reading and it was amazing too.  Michelle's readings are always very illuminating, detailed, and loving. I also highly recommend the oils. I always use the business oil and recently began using the St. Joseph oil to help with my home. They smell heavenly and they work! Thank you so much Michelle!

 S.MT./I have been a client of Michelle's for years and her gift and her work alwas come through!  She knows her stuff, her work, and is all about helping people. My latest ritual was to find the right home for me and my family., she knew exactly which ritual work to chose and do.  We did the St. Expedite and within 2 days I had my home!!! AMAZING! Where there was darkness and despair Michelle gave it light! I truly recommend her work on any issue you won't be disappointed!

S/Shipped quick & I love you stuff! THANK YOU!!! :D

Marie/ About 95% of your reading/predictions were absolutely accurate. You really honestly have a gift from God

J/ he invited me over...we may not be officially back together right away but at least we are taking steps and moving in that direction :D  It's Working!!

Angelica/ My raiting for you is more than millions of stars!! I don't have words to letting you know how blessed I am to have you as my Angel in earth!! You always are so kind and lovely. In this reading I had more than expected. Everything was and is so accurate and true! If someone is looking for some one who cares about the feelings of others they need to stop and talk to you!! You are wonderful and you are the only one who I trust! Thank you Michelle with all my heart! Blessings :)

Ara/ Beautiful Reading. I loved it...Thank you!

Auntiedoodle/ Since the timeframe of the predictions of this reading is far into the future, I cannot comment on that aspect. I will have to wait and see! I will say that the reading arrived very close to the time frame "promised". I found Michelle to be very sweet and kind. I liked her style of presentation. Video format is much better for me than email/PDF. Michelle picked up on the area in which I live extremely precisely. Her description of my potential soulmate nearly perfectly fits a guy from my recent past (about 6 mos ago). Even though we parted ways (amicably), I felt very strongly that he could be my Soul Mate, or even Twin Flame. I will update as predictions come to fruition or not :) Overall, I was very happy with my reading, and would consider ordering another reading in the future. Thank you Michelle!!!

rosegun/ very informative and nicely delivered. She has given me lots to look forward too

Rogelio Thanks for the reading.. I loved your insights and interpretation. You were accurate on a lot of what's going on with me. I knew I was receiving messages from my guides and now I know from who in particular. Thanks again will be back.

tdh3 Thank you for another beautiful reading! It was amazing as always.

dobrilla/ This is seriously the best reading I,ve ever had. I'll come back for sure! God bless you. xxxx

ami/ Michelle is extremely busy which leads to long wait times. But she's accurate, honest, intuitive - and her insight is worth the wait. The reading itself was interesting - there were things I already knew and other things yet to happen. But Michelle has never disappointed.

karen/ It was awesome.

tabitha/ This reading was spot on! I highly recommend it.

lan/ I don't normally leave feedbacks. This is one of the best reading that I have ever had. She knew things without me disclosing anything. She has my respect and my service from now on. The wait for her reading is so worth it!!!

leeanna/ I've been a repeat client many times now and will continue to be. Michelle is just the sweetest and best, hands down! I can't recommend her readings highly enough! I'm always super pleased with mine. :)

patricia/ Always a very insightful reading. Didn't tell her anything about the issue and she picked up what was bothering me and what was bothering the person the reading was about.

patricia/ Always an eye opening and insightful reading as always

tcoulbourne/ I was amazed with my Animal Totem Reading and how some of her information was shockingly true and other information new. She was easy to understand and she tells you when you will receive your reading. I will definitely come back. Thank you

olga/ wow, on point I am truly grateful. Thank you.
selena/ This was wonderful and very accurate! Thanks!
alfliu/ Michelle truly has a special gift.
alfliu/ Very nice smelling oil, I use it as a subtle perfume.
alfliu/ The section of the reading about what I am currently working on in my life was exactly right. It was nice to hear confirmation that I am on the right path. What a beautiful card spread in the photos included at the end.

crystal/ I love Michelle's honey jar

anna/ Fantastic. I loved everything about it and will come back soon. Highly recommend.

hedgetiggy/ Thank you so much. It was helpful. Would recommend to anyone thinking about utilizing her services.

angellight/ Very kind and caring person. I will buy again. Thank you for being such a sweety

tabitha/ I recommend making a purchase from this shop. My reading and ritual have been a great experience

karen/ Grateful for getting the information

angie/ Wow! What a beautiful reading!! Left me emotional (good emotional) :) Thank you so much Michelle. I loved it!!

mystical/ The oil smells really good!

sheila/ This was my first reading and it won't be my last. Watching the video did make it seem like I was there. The questions that popped in my mind were answered as the cards came out. The cards that came out and the interpretation of the cards was very in line with my life. Thank you!

lisa/ Thank you so much Michelle for this wonderful & informative reading. I really enjoyed it! :)
julie/ Wow! Michelle and her cards are truly amazing. She promotes positivity, change, let go of all things negative. Be more aware of yourself and those closest to you.
Michelle, it was so worth the wait! Thank you.
tia/ I'm so excited about this course. I will be able to increase my gifts even more. I love that it is an accredited program and that will add on to my other certifications I currently have. There's so much to learn when it comes to spirituality. Ms. Michelle is truly gifted and I'm psyched that I will have the opportunity to expand my gifts and explore new ones. I trust her 100%. Looking forward to the course and the perks that comes with this purchase!
sarah/I'm so impressed with my reading !!! it was way more detailed than I thought it was going to be . I got answers to questions that I've been waiting so long to find out . This reading truly was a blessing for me ! The wait time was so worth it . I definitely will come back for another reading soon .
Thomas/I have many other oils that I have obtained in local shops, and various sites, but none compare to the oils I received from here. Most places offer mixtures of various cheap oils, but these oils are the real thing. I believe it's the love and magic that is put into them.
Amy/Smells great!!!

Alexandra/Excellent service. Everything shipped on time , very accurate reading, very helpful .I recommend any reading !

michelle/Great reading! Very interesting and unexpected details; this reading gave me a lot of food for thought...thanks!

angie/I love this oil as well! It is a must have! Thank you :)

angie/This oil smells amazing. I look forward to working with it! Thank you :)

angie/This oil is a reorder for me. I LOVE Michele's oils. They are full of magic and amazing!! Thank you Michelle! :)

ladyduchess/Great reading! Accurate about my current situation.

strawberry shortcake/Smells so good thank you

strawberry shortcake/I will work with this oil on Mondays. Praying to open the door for better things. Thank you

strawberry shortcake/Excited to work with this oil. I will update on great results. I love the smell of this. All of the oils smell amazing beauty. Thank you very much love.
Update: I used this lovely oil today. OMG MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD. Sorry for the caps but wow lol. So many men looking at me. Thank you Michelle :-)

strawberry shortcake/I will be working with this very soon. I can't wait for big changes in my life. I'm ready for the world :-).

strawberry shortcake/I can't wait to use this everyday for healing. I feel that I'm very close to my dreams. It's been a hard journey but I feel excited. Looking to update you in the future. Thank you

strawberry shortcake/I will be using this oil often to communicate with the Queen. I'm need of deep healing from the past. I feel good things are coming. I have to continue working on myself. Thank you for all your advice and suggestions. Love and Light

strawberry shortcake/Looking to turn up the heat with this. Thank you again love

strawberry shortcake/Looking foward to some great readings with this oil. My third eye is open and ready. I just need a boost :-). Thank you for everything my dear.

strawberry shortcake/Very detailed helpful to me. I need someone else's insight.