Spell Bottle - Love

Spell Bottle - Love

Beautiful and Powerful Magic Spell Bottle for LOVE

I have been making these for years and have had amazing results! I have had clients tell me they met their husbands after keeping the spell jar in their home. Even I met my husband and soulmate 4 months after making one for myself!

A Spell is whispered into the jar and all the magical ingedients relating to your intention:
Crystal gem stones, herbs, flowers, magical oils, cards, symbols, charms, parchment with your intentions for love. I will then cast the spell and send you the Spell Bottle and a charged candle you can use at home to finish the spell along with instructions.

Choose your intention: Soulmate magnet, find a husband, Encourage your partner to marry you, Keep marriage happy, keep relationship happy, Spice up a relationship,  
I can also do them for other needs besides love: Financial abundance, Fertility/Baby, Happy Home, etc

You will receive : 

-Your Magic Spell Bottle loaded with magial ingredients and charged with your intention.

-Candle that is blessed, charged and dressed with your intention.

- Instructions on how to consecrate your bottle

Please send me your name and birthday along with your partner's name and birthday
and your intentions for the spell bottle.