Payment 1 of 4 for VIP 1 YEAR ON CALL & Bonuses

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Payment 1 of 4 for VIP 1 YEAR ON CALL & Bonuses

This is a 4 installment payment plan for the 1 year vip on call service.  The cost will be $6,000 for 1 year but it will be paid in 4 installments of $1500 Every 3 months. The regular listing is 1 year for $5000 upfront. 

VIP 1 YEAR OF my services and a Magically charged locket!!! ONLY 1 SPOT REMAINING.

This is my 1/4 annual salary for working with you. 

30 mins per day 7 days 

This is THE ULTIMATE VIP listing for YOU to have your very own PERSONAL PSYCHIC ,Amazing!!  This is my CELEBRITY CLIENT ultimate VIP package!  Yes I have some celebrity clients and you will also recieve the same red carpet treatment!!

Here is what you will recieve:

my services for a year!

- a new best friend and trusted advisor! My phone number

-One Year/12 months of having your own personal psychic!  

- You can txt me up to a half hour per day 7 days per week to ask any questions, have a therapy session or just talk.  I am in California.  If you have an international number we can use email, whatsapp or Facebook messenger

- You can txt me on the weekend, even if I’m out of town I’ll  fit you in.

- ULTIMATE VIP treatment and access to guidance with your questions answered daily 

- Daily Psychic readings, tarot readings, life coaching session, Angel messages, answers and guidance

- I will pray for you twice a day and include you in any blessings 

- A new best friend who is sincere and a source of strength comfort and guidance 



Powerful Magical spell charm locket, Reiki attuned and spiritually charged to manifest abundance and your wishes!

I will hand make this stunning magic locket that is so exquisite looking as well as magically charged to draw to you  blessings and your wishes. I will hand make it for you and cast the spell over it over the course of a week. It is magically charged, Reiki attuned and Will also be personally attuned to you. The blessings that this can manifest for you are amazing and unlimited. You do not have to wear it to reap the benefits, you can keep it in your home if desired.

Join me for a year of blessings!!!


By law I'm required to inform you that all of my services are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for your own choices and decisions. If you need medical advice, consult a physician.
Magic is real! But no psychic can guarantee a spell to manifest as it is in the hands of the divine. I am sincere about my work and have had thousands of manifestations for my clients, that being said I cannot guarantee outcomes. For curio only. Handmade and amazingly beautiful however it is not gold or diamonds. You can trust me, I'm very professional and sincere,  no refunds are offered on my services at any time. 

***Please don't copy my listings. The listing has been created by thepsychicangelguide ©2013
This listing has been powerfully magically protected by the threefold law, Karmic laws and any plagiarism will be reported.***