Novena Candles

Novena Candles

A blessed, dressed and charged novena candle for your conditions mailed to you!

Choose from this list OR I can make ANYTHING you need!
just let me know the diety/saint/angel/etc you are requesting OR I can recommend one for you.

Love come to me-Adam & Eve
Healing-Archangel Raphael and St Lazarus
Come back to me-Saint Helen or St Anthony
Road Opener/making choices-Ganesha or St Barbara
Reversing/Uncrossing-Archangel Michael
Soften enemies heart/miracles/Sacred Heart of Jesus
Money-Drawing-Goddess Lakshmi or Saint Martin Caballero
Prosperity-Goddess Abundantia
Findind a job/moving/selling a home-St Joseph
Success for business-St Peter or Saint Martin Caballero
Miracles/finances-St Jude
Love/Miracles/mothers/blessings/compassion-Virgin Mary or Saint Therese
House Blessing-Guardian Angel or Saint Lawrence
Money Magnet-St Jude
Animal protection/healing-St Francis
Creative ability/art or music ability/Saraswati or Saint Cecilia
Knowledge/student success-Saint Thomas Aquinas or Saraswati
Peace and tranquility-Holy Spirit
Emotional healing depression/anxiety-St Dymphna
Happy Home/Happy Family-Virgin Mary or Saint Lawrence or Saint Joseph
Keep enemy or gossip away-San Alejo
Clarity and truth-St Claire and Archangel Gabriel
Just Judge/Justice in Court-Archangel Michael, Holy Spirit
Soulmate Magnet-Goddess Venus and Archangel Chamuel
Marriage/finding husband-Saint Anthony
Safe Travel-St. Christopher
Protection-St. Michael, Guardian Angel
Do as I say-St Martha
Psychic development-Spirit Guide, Archangel Raziel and St. Lucy
Fast Luck/attaining a goal fast- St Expedite
Poblem Solving-Archangel Uriel
Fertility-Archangel Gabriel or Virgin Mary or Saint Gerard Majella

or a custom candle of your request

Let me know who you'd like to work with for the candle OR let me know your situation and I can recommend one for you.
Please email me your name, birthday, name and birthday of anyone involved and a brief summary of the situation and what you'd like to acomplish.