Custom Channeled Oil

Custom Channeled Oil

YOUR CUSTOM SUPER POWERFUL Highly Magical Conjured Oil 

I will channel spirit to custom make a magical oil JUST FOR YOU! YOUR OIL!
It will have your name and photo on the label (if you send me your photo OR any photo you wish to have on it)

You can even request that I make the oil for someone else : a friend, family memeber, co worker, yoga instructor - MAKES A UNIQUE and special SPIRITUAL GIFT!!  

Some clients have me channel deities or their angels to make anointing  that are aligned with them.

First I will do a session to channel spirit on what ingredients should be in the bottle : herbs, essential oils, crystals, roots, etc. I will also combine energies having to do with your (or other person the oil is for) Astrological sign, birth month angel and also for the specific intention if any is needed. 

If you would like the oil to have a specific style of fragrance like "floral, musky, clean, spiced, spiritual, romantic, watery, warm, etc. let me know) It will make for a very UNIQUE and special magical oil!!! If you would like the oil to have a special intention like "COURAGE, LOVE DRAWING, LUCK DRAWING, SUCCESS, BEAUTY, MARRIAGE, SOULMATE, REKINDLE, ETC"
If you would like me to also add the energies of specific diety/saints/angels also let me know.

Please send me your name, birthday or name and birthday of the person the oil is being made for
(along with any special intentions if any) and the photo you want on your label <3

Some of what makes my MAGIC OIL special and that sets mine apart from other oils is that I put 2 quartz or other kind of special intentioned crystals into every bottle, I cast magic on the bottle to make it powerful as per it's intention and I also infuse reiki into the bottle as well. 
The bottles are all labeled with colored images that also add visual energy to the intent of the oil. 
I use all my own oils in all my magical workings because they are POWERFUL!

With only the BEST ORGANIC and PURE essential oils in the 1/2 oz glass bottle, herbs and botanicals, I use rituals, magic chanting, reiki, Tarot Spells, Crystals and Meditation to handcraft and infuse each bottle of my hoodoo and magick oils with the prescribed intention to draw to you what you need.

I have been using my own handcrafted oils for years and had amazing results in my life and for my friends, family and clients!!!!