1 MONTH ofweekly powerful 7 day Cleansings

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1 MONTH ofweekly powerful 7 day Cleansings

A very powerful week of Spiritual Cleansing & 7 day candle PLUS

In Live VIDEO format and .JPG

The spiritual cleansing candle ritual x4
Seven day candle
Chakra balancing
Sound therapy
Crystal therapy
Tarot and oracle reading
4 15 minute Reiki Healing sessions

Use this ritual if you feel negative, unbalanced, confused, lost, feel that you have been hexed/cursed, things have been difficult for you, someone in your life has been negative towards you, you have encountered obstacles, feel negative spirit around you or if you just want to clear and energize your aura.

This is an extremely intensive spiritual cleansing and reversing spell that was passed down to me from my Grandmother. I use taper candles and 1 large 7-day candle to Archangel Michael, Holy Spirit (or other deity if you wish) Tarot cards, parchment with your intention, magical oils that I create myself, incense, herbs, crystals and magical rune symbols.
It also comes with a Chakra Balancing sound therapy session with chakra chimes , crystal therapy, tarot & oracle card reading and 3 reiki healing sessions.

You will receive:

each week:

Casting of cleansing Jar candle ritual
A Video of the spell as it's being cast live by me.
I will use a candle, Tarot cards, parchment with your intention, magical oils, incense, herbs, crystals and magical rune symbols

A 7 Day Candle vigil lit to Archangel Michael or Holy Spirit for clearing protection
Or a Road Opener candle


A Tarot & Oracle reading Video and .JPG
- Message from Spirit working on your cleansing
- How the spell will specifically work on you
- What energies are being removed
- The outcome and Manifestation prediction

Or answer any question you have


15 minute healing reiki session


Chakra Chime healing sound therapy session with crystal healing

when the 7 day candles finish, I will make a follow up video on what impressions I see in any wax remaining..And a Tarot and oracle card reading showing how your energies are now after this ritual.Finally I will ceremonially break the glass jar releasing finally all the negative energies completely away from you.

Please email me your name and birthdate or person's name and birthday if working on cleansing someone else.