reading for October

Choose from left to right  1 , 2 or 3 for your message

and affirmation for this week. I will update with the answer

below (Saturday oct 3)

#1-  When in doubt I choose to see peace 

through any difficult situation this week, remember to choose the path of peace - it is there which you will find the clarity you need.

Do something may need to forgive or let go of some disappointment.

#2-  When I move my body I bust through all that blocks me from my true health and vitality.

This week will be more active for you... Which is great for your health body and mind!  Also projects will go forward and obstacles cleared.

#3- I share my light with the world 

This week will bring you a specific blessing... Like and unexpected gift or joyful times with loved ones. Overall you will feel loved!  An important project may go a step forward.




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