Reading for November

What a wonderfultime of year!  The weather is cool and crisp, you can already hear the holiday music in the stores, haha, the energy of joy and thankfulness is already upon us and I want to say how thankful I am to all of you!  I feel so blessed to be following the path that I am meant to be on and being of service and guidance to you!  Thank you!   Here is 15% off in my store with code THANKYOU15  (expires nov 10)


Card#1 The Star

 This is a special month for you! No more blahhs. A time of hope and healing and a wish coming true. Things are going to get better, more than better, so be hopeful! Listen to your intuitive guidance your angels are with you leading you to something extra special. You're on the right track and things are improving .   You might find yourself feeling more popular with more social interactions and perfect timing.

Card#2 Renewal (Judgement) 

This is an important time for decision-making  and reevaluation in the situation or certain area of your life. It's time to figure out what you want to do next, what's important to you? Perhaps you have been feeling called to do something new  or are recognizing that it's time for growth in your career, love life or spiritual life. A decision  Will be made. Communication is very important at this time and it's possible you might hear from someone you haven't heard from in a while or someone  might make a stronger appearance in your life. I see all kinds of organization and list/notetaking.

 Card#3 The queen of autumn (pentacles)

 This is a busy month for you! You are going to be working on something special working harder in your job, putting extra effort in your relationship, or maybe working on something for yourself! A time to put your  knowledge to use, being helpful to someone, be nurturing to someone or perhaps someone being helpful or nurturing to you. Try to use your practical sense in all of your undertakings this month.  Finances look good!   You might even splurge a little bit to buy something for yourself or your home. 


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