Reading for March 2016

1-Ask and it shall be given you and the page of cups 

It's Important for you to communicate your wants needs and desires at this time.  Good news coming your way, a block is lifted, a time for fun, adventure, thumbs up! This month you'll be feeling great and excited about something you're receiving or something new to look forward to.  Be playful, be creative and have fun.
2-My father gives you the true bread from heaven and Faith
Something you're hoping and praying for is being worked on and you will receive a blessing. It may come in a way that is different than you expect but you are manifesting!   Money seems to be improving and a relationship being worked on. Putting your thoughts into action, Blessings, being productive, all provided, guidance, truth, wisdom.  This month will be busy but rewarding for you.
3-your Heavenly Father knoweth that you have need of all these things and the 4 of 
There is something you are concerned about and these cards are assuring you that things will improve in the next month. You just need to relax and trust that this is a transition time from shadows to light.  Take it one step at a time and take good care of yourself.  It should be a more quiet month for you.  Comfort from a loved one, rest, healing, introspection. Relax and know that you are getting more ahead than you realize. 
Thank you so much for participating in the monthly reading! If you would like a personal reading or ritual please go to my shop 


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