January Reading

 Happy new year! This is a reading for all of you to see this. Please choose any of the columns as the answer to a question or message for you at this time.   I'll be back Tuesday 1/19 afternoon to update with the reveal of the  cards and messages .


1-  seven of scrolls – angel of alchemy – jade rose 

   It's a time for reflection and you need to  work through and sort things out.   There are decisions to be made that will help you to move into February with a lot less obstacles in opposition. Take a chance, take a well calculated risk to make a powerful step forward now so that nothing is hanging over your head in the next few weeks unfinished.  Although you might be indecisive, be bold and allow your heart to guide you.   You will be surprised as you have a lot of spiritual support from your angels and spirit guides backing your decisions up , So do not hesitate! Things are about to turn the corner and bring you changes and miracles. Try also not to neglect anything that needs taking care of at this time. You may have been working too  hard or focusing too hard on the problem instead of the resolution .   Release your burdens, have some fun too!   Any kind of negativity you've been experiencing is going to be finished with this month.

 Take some time to stop and smell  The roses but not too long because there is work to be done.  The color orange is with you – your creativity needs to be explored and enjoyed for some of you healing is taking place in your life or within yourself.

2-  The four of mirrors -  Poe - Angel 

 This  is it time for you to get back in touch with  something that you have become detached to something that you may have been neglecting, it could be your work it could be a relationship or could even be something within yourself.  As  The song goes, life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting my friend"  it's time to examine the interaction we have with another or with ourselves. Trying to keep things positive and moving in a direction that you're happy with.  Hold the energy of compassion and nurturing empathy  because you simply don't have time for anything less then doing what's best for you and your life.   There are changes happening for you,  some that you like and send that you don't like that much . something that you may be learning, some things may be complicated and that case you need to deal with it clearly rather than putting it off because you are bothered.  Some  of you may be considering something new this year like a new job, a move etc.   just like  The student who is not interested in doing their homework, they do it because they have to and because the promise of graduation day is near.     Keep your communication clear and don't put off  something for tomorrow that can be done today.  Any kind of feelings of boredom or dissatisfaction will be cleared by February.   Your crown chakra is illuminated so please do pay attention to your higher self , Your intuition is high right now  and you know exactly what you need to do. Your angels are surrounding you in a bubble of peace – feel it .

3-  The eight of stones - The fairy of the highlands - red bow 

 It's been a busy month when you've been hard at work! Work work work underlined here! I know it's been hard taking on so much and you should know you're making excellent progress!   And a new and exciting change is coming up for you next month! It's letting you know that success is very near so don't  stop working hard yet.    If anyone has been interfering or any situation has been in your way know that it is going to clear out by February and this is not the time to change your plans you need to keep focusing on what you're working towards, be brave and  know that all you've worked hard for is going to bring you results.   You might have to stand up for yourself or speak up for someone else, use your honor and truth and do not back down .Right now it's important to be practical and protective.   You've got this, your solid and it's a good time to think about the transition that is coming for you.   Your work is going to pay off!  Your root chakra  is illuminated here so it's encouraging you that it's time to  continue on and  raw upon the energies of  security,  stability and strength.     There could be a nice gift or complement coming up for you soon some blessing coming to you – you deserve it enjoy  


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Thanks everyone! Happy new year  and my love to all of you ❤️ Michelle 


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